Neuro Occlusal Rehabilitation

NOR in dentistry is a knowledge that allows the physician or technician to deeply understand the physiological function of the mouth, therefore permitting even early diagnosis in deciduous dentition and correct dysmorphism in childrens and adults.

Planas Method

The Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation (NOR) of Prof. Pedro Planas is a method which allows the orthodontist to become a “Doctor” of the mouth, to understand all the neurophysiological mechanisms and rules of the chewing system.

Training for Doctors and Technicians

Restoring through selective grinding of occlusal balance in mouths with alteration of static and dynamic.
Setting of the articulator and registration of condyle trajectory Mounting of a total balanced prosthesis on Paterson tracks.

Training method
Theoretical - Practical

The training is divided into two phases. The first about the basic laws for understanding the operation of various types of equipment used. In the second one, implants will be realized according to the RNO and the slopes of Paterson.


Examples of cases treated with R.N.O. Planas method